General Precautions

+  Wear a face covering, unless you have a health/respiratory condition that prevents you from doing so. Maintain proper social distancing.


+  Sit in every other row of pews, with no more than three persons to a pew evenly spaced; exceptions are for pews with members of the same family or closely related persons, who may sit together in the same pew regardless of number.


+  Please refrain from coughing or sneezing. If you cough or sneeze, please be sure to cover your mouth and nose; if it is persistent then please leave the worship area.

Communion Distribution

+  Communion distribution is done in a continuous flow. You may use the hand sanitizer in the main aisle prior to receiving communion. Maintain your face covering until you receive the host and wine, then recover your face.


+  Only in-hand distribution of the host will be made with no hand to mouth distribution, and individual plastic cups will be used for the wine. Please dispose of the plastic cup in the receptacle after receiving the wine.

Leaving Worship

+  Dismissal is from the pews in the rear of the nave, those closest to the exit. Please take home the service order bulletin and do not leave anything behind in the pews.


+  Please exit the church building as soon as possible after worship.


+  After services there will be no fellowship/coffee hour. You may remain outside for conversation if you wish but please observe distancing and face coverings

  Indoor Gathering Limitation

Following New Jersey State mandate guidelines, our seating capacity is limited to 55 persons in the church nave worship area. Your understanding is appreciated if we are not able to accommodate more than 55 persons. If you need assistance in finding suitable seating, please ask for assistance.